When lights are needed to steer or reflect, mirrors are used.

Chenter supplies mirrors with different coating designs, including protected Aluminum, enhanced Aluminum, protected Silver, protected Gold, other metal and dielectric. The substrates can be flat or curved glass (Fused Silica, N-BK7, N-F2, N-SF4 …) or crystal (Ge, CaF2, MgF2, Al2O3, Si, ZnSe …) optics. Usually, Mirrors are designed for 0 or 45 degree angle of incidence (AOI), other customized AOI available.

Size tolerance
up to +0/-0.02mm
Surface quality
up to 10/5 S/D
Surface flatness
up to L/20
up to 1 arc sec

14290152402838254.gif 14290152406496977.gif 14290152404227201.gif